Korran Technology

Cybernetic/Biological enhancements

Full body enhancement:

Myomer enhancement and advanced maipulation of nerve fibres in the body can lead, in its most rudimentary use, to greatly increased strength or hand/eye co-ordination.

Effect: +10 to Strength or Agility, Stacks with unnatural trait strength and most other enhancements.

Dermal enhancement of skin layer with a micro lattice of crystal provides admirable protection against most conventional weaponry.

Effect: 3 armour everywhere. Stacks with most other armour.

Ocular enhancement through methods similar to the nerve manipulation earlier can increase visual range and acuity in a variety of ways

Effect: +10 Perception OR Dark Sight, Telescopic vision and virtual immunity to all conventional forms of sight nullifiers.


Crystal Rifle: Can crystallize almost any object and utilise it as ammunition.
Stats: 1d10+6, Pen 0, S/3/6, Felling (1)

Korran Technology

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