House Lannister

Original Homeworld: Sepheris Secundus
Current Homeworld: Scintilla

Xenos Trading: Officially family stance is opposed. Unofficially it is discouraged but if it turns a profit and does not risk exposure a blind eye may be turned. A few scandals over the centuries, but all rather handily dealt with in-house.

Original Trade: Sepheris Secundus is known for its staggering mineral wealth. The house rather wisely invested in transports and off-world holdings. By some unknown means, now further obfuscated over time by myths and legends, a family ancestor managed to reduce the crippling tithes the Queen and Imperium places on Sepheris Secundus’ citizens.

Modern Day: Aside from ore, heavily invested in transportation of bulk goods and employ quite a few chartist captains. A large part of the business is the transportation of passengers and ore between Sepheris and surrrounding worlds. Allocated discount rates and space for the Queens goods are negotiated every 50 years. A significant number of the houses transports service shrine worlds following pilgrim paths. These ships respect those Pilgrims sanctioned by the Ecclesiarchy and offer them free transportation as is traditional. This has endeared them somewhat with the Ecclesiarchy.

Ship Resources: 6 Jericho-class transports, 7 Vagabond-class transports, 1 Sword-class frigate ‘Lions Roar’ [House flagship], 2 Navigators [both assigned to flagship].

Criminal Tradings: Some light smuggling has been known to occur although Sepheris Secundus is strictly off-limits to any and all criminal operations that may be in operation. The House was once more heavily involved with criminal dealings but a close call with Imperial authorities led to an intense in-house crackdown.

House Lannister

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