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  • John Swift

    One of the best independent smugglers in the Imperium he pilots a lightning fast Havoc-class raider, the 'Lickity Split'. While he has often come under the scrutiny of Imperial authorities he has thus far managed to stay out of their hands and intends to …

  • Sarvas Takara

    Of House Takara, a keenly intelligent and ruthless man. Fond of playing the typical noble brat to fool his opponents into underestimating him. A sworn enemy of the Lannister family and Isis Lannister in paticular due to past encounters.

  • Isis Lannister

    Captain Isis Lannister of [[House Lannister | House Lannister]] is the middle child of her family. Though never likely to gain the position of head of her Noble House she has endeavoured to prove herself and improve the standing of her family. To date …

  • Cutter Quinn

    Cutter Quinn claims to hail from the infamous hive city of Necromunda. Although undoubtedly from one of the gangs/noble houses there, he has so far not seen fit to reveal his allegience. His brief discussion with Jon Targaryen at the Lucid Palace …

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