The Illusions of Clarity

Homeward Bound

++++++++++++++Rogue Traders Log++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
++++++++++++++From the Desk of Rogue Trader Isis Lanister++++++++++++++++++++++
++++++++++++++Begin Log++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The cellebrations are done for now and its official, it feels like this is the first time I can relax in almost a year. I’m still amazed at the time our Navigator Jon Targaryen has made in bringing us on a return trip deep into the Koronus Expanse while some of our competitors have still yet to reach Port Wander.
After we left [Clarity], thats not it’s name but its what I’ve come to think of it as we made good time traveling along the safer warp route provided by Captain Swifts employee. On my orders we didn’t set into dock at Footfall, I was still rightfully worried that one of our competitors might try and steal what we had gained at Clarity, without hard evidence all we would have is a fanciful tale. We had to stop at Port Wander for three days for customs since we were finally re entering the Imperium. We headed straight for Scintilla and our reward, Navigator Targaryen again made it in times I can scarcely believe but definitely can get used to. He has gotten paler however and his hair seems to have fallen our, perhaps he has pushed himself too hard but he appears unconcerned however I will have to talk with him about this
We met with Lord Sector Hax and he discussed with us what we saw on Clarity. I was issued my Warrant however he did inform me that as with all warrants some service would be required that he would ask it sometime in the future and I should be prepared. I hope to have a stable set of business connections and a small fleet gathered by then. The Red October is a fine vessel although after seeing the [Necrontyr] I’m definitely considering hiring professional soldiers, in large numbers at some point in the near future.
The next day we began the official festivities regarding my promotion, Cardinal Ignatio himself even attended. My family’s ties to the pilgrim paths pay off once more! I only got to say a few short words to him but he blessed the founding of my dynasty. After this I was approached by a Cannoness who offered a gift, one of their talented Adeptus Sororitas as a bodyguard. Magos Stark not too subtly made crude jokes in cyphers… He wears my patience, it does him no good as I would gladly pay a man of his skills more if he merely stopped acting like an oaf, he’s not like any other tech priest I have met where you just have to forgive their social failings. He does it on purpose.
An odd note just before this I was approached by an emissary from the Mechanicus stating that they wished to put an Explorator on our ship to which Magos Stark almost bit the poor man’s head off stating that he was one… but they had no records of him! The mystery was solved, apparently he is qualified for such but he’d need a letter of recommendation from myself… this seems extremely odd that he would need one from one outside the Mechanicus but I am a Rogue Trader now so my opinion might actually register with them now… and if it does now it will carry more weight as my power grows. I have with held such a letter until we leave Scintilla, this has slightly reduced Magos Starks provocations. I have to admit a new Engineseer Prime and one possibly more experienced than Stark has an appeal to it but better the Devil you know. Still he’s definitely been hiding something from me or the Mechanicus… as to wether I should pry, it might be more trouble than it’s worth.
Jon and myself are preparing for a reception which will allow us to make some business arrangements. Before I leave Scintilla Father wishes to speak about various things including my place in the family now. This has weighed on my mind somewhat, Father has always been a man for control and it might be tempting for him to try and micro manage me. The way I see it there is a number of ways we could end up.
Firstly as he may or may not wish me to follow his instructions and allow him to be Rogue Trader by proxy, effectively my Dynasty becoming a Vassal of the family’s. This would only end in ruin I think as if I couldn’t be seen to run my own afairs few would wish to do business with me, and my peers would doubtless see me as someones pet Rogue Trader. Hax might even rescind the warrant.
Secondly the house could become a vassal of the Dynasty. I don’t see Father necessarily being too enticed by this option though it would hardly hurt their business prospects it might hurt his pride, unless he was planning on retiring soon. Father as always can be hard to predict.
Thirdly the House and Dynasty could be allies, I of course have loyalty to the house and would be happy to make sure they have lucrative contracts from my Dynasty once it’s operations are truely set up. This might come under a different name but it leaves both of us our independence, as to whether Father would be satisfied with this…
I don’t think he’ll push for the first option, I proved my worth to Lord Sector Hax himself, trying to take control could be seen as an insult to Hax’s judgement or at worst treason. Still it is a talk that could go badly.
Captain Swift and Cutter to our knowledge still have to reach Port Wander, I have a debt to repay Captain Swift for those warp routes and a Lanister always repays their debts.

++++++++++++++End Entry+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Into the Jaws!

++++ Excerpts from Navigator Jon Targaryen, First of his name, First of the House Targaryen ++++

Port Wander lay behind us, our eyes fixed on the swirling warp storms that made up the Koronus Passage before us. Abenicus Benetek truly was insane to imagine passage through such storms, and yet here we stand awaiting to undertake that same voyage. I feared this task coming here, but now that I stand before it I find myself calm, waiting, watching, learning…

Our competition races ahead of us, their vessels like flies buzzing towards this beast they call The Maw. Perhaps on seeing this the captain will understand a little more what it is we battle with every time we travel through the warp, so violent these storms that even those half blind can see. The ship communications come to life as the lady lannister asks if there is a problem. All she sees is her rivals gaining ahead of her. The patterns clearly visible to my navigator sight I put her mind at ease and wait. In 5 seconds the storms shall flair, in 10 there will open a clear and stable path and this we shall use to over take those gone before.

5… Double check the Temple,
4… The Witch-Cursed World,
3… The Battleground,
2… The Hermitage,
1… Breath…

Our Passage opens before us as we race forward, the Red October dancing through the stars. All going as predicted when things change. A monstrous hand reaches forth from the beast to catch us in its grasp.. Hurried commands to dive dive dive as we narrowly avoid it. Managing to get in front of it we use its energy to drive us further and faster into the Maw. Pushing us well past the Temple.

A day. A day in the warp sees us through the beast they call The Maw. We make footfall in 8 days real time. We receive an astropathic message from John Swift upon entering footfall, off course and worse for wear he gives us details of a man who will help us. Malcon meets with us and supplies us with two options.. a long stable route to our destination or else a shorter more unstable route. Both dangerous, one surely fatal. we choose the fatal one as news had reached us of Sarvas Takara taking the lead on us. His shipped badly damaged crew fled the cursed vessel, he made emergency repairs took minimal crew and raced on.

Confident we could make it we pressed forward, risking all or nothing. Our course plotted and set we jump once more in to the warp…

A demon waits for us. it reaches with clawed hands that dwarf our ship. the first arm is the same as the one coming through the Maw and as we dodge it reaches for us with a second anticipating the Red Octobers movements. We make it through untouched but I now fear what awaits us on the next jump…

Into the Black

The Red October bearing Captain Isis Lannister, Magos Stark and their new navigator Jon Targaryen left port as soon as possible. Savaras Takara was spotted to have left dock before them but quickly overtaken as Magos Stark diverted power to the archeotech escorts energistic conversion matrix. The Magos suggested firing on Takara’s vessel to further seal their lead which Navigator Targayen opposed and Isis decided against this as she didn’t want to fire first… while in Imperial space and unprovoked.
Making good time though the journey seemed to drag and the crew had odd dreams they arrived in Port Wander the last port of call in the Imperium, none of the crew had been beyond this point with very few indeed having ever even been here. The last shining beacon of civilisation and last barrier against the horrors of the Koronus Expanse. Needing to restock supplies before their long journey and not having had a significant amount of time at Scintilla to restock supplies the Captain Lannister made orders for the vessel to restock and resupply but to increase security doing random checks of crates.
The command crew were contacted by the Administratum representatives on Port Wander and asked to come to their offices. They were asked to rectify irregularities in the mannifest which would take roughly two weeks even though these were tiny problems. Jon showed his business acumen as a Navis Scion and helped the Captain come to an arrangement with the official. Savaras Takara was discovered to be behind this ploy.
While checking security on the vessel a spy was uncovered however upon investigation it was uncovered that he had signed up at the ship on Scintilla and presented a sealed letter from Lord Sector Hax.

I went to a marvelous party!
Great Expectations

Our adventure began as do so many other great adventures, not the lavish great begining that will be remembered in years to come for good or ill but a message given in the dark places off the beaten path. On the less than reputable hive world of Tranch the Cobra Class Vessel “Red October” came into port, an unexpected man awaits them claiming to be from the Lucid Court on the Sector Capital of Scintilla. He bears a summons to Scintilla from Lord Sector Marius Hax and with all haste the vessel unloads its goods and heads for its new destination not daring to refuse the Lord Sectors summons.
Onboard Captain Isis Lannister and the ships Magos, Magos Stark, grow concerned over the nature of her summons, certainly Lord Sector Hax does not want her dead or she would be but they dare not refuse him and fulfilling a favour for him could see the loss of their lives or the ruination of their careers and fortunes. Isis is concerned with the cryptic nature of the summons while Magos Stark is altogether more concerned despite his name not being on the summons. Tension hangs in the air of the ship and the crew no doubt noticed the concern of both the Captain and Magos as well as whispers from the bridge crew and other officers that the course had been changed.
Arriving two days before the time she was told to be at the Lucid Court Isis and Stark sent a message there to inform them of their arrival. Isis contacts her father Lord Tywin Lannister who also knows little of this meeting except that many ships have come to Scintilla recently and the Lord Sector is being especially secretive about the meaning of the gathering.
The Navigator of the Red October had to use an emergency clause in their contract due to an emergency.
The gathering was a lavish party with many nobles and notables in attendance but none any the wiser than Captain Lannister and Magos Stark as to why they had been invited. Savaris Takara and Captain Swift were noted to be in attendance.
Jon Targaryen a mysterious Navigator also managed to find himself at the party while looking for work. Jon noticed that each of the plates contained what appeared to be a star chart of an unknown location. He introduced himself to several of the groups their making contacts before meeting Magos Stark and then later Captain Lannister, much to Isis’ frustration Stark had seen fit to lay bare their lack of a navigator and other details leaving them in a much less advantageous bargaining position when recruiting the navigator later that day.
After some time Lord Hax presented himself and declared that those who had been summoned were to be given a chance to become the founder of a new Rogue Trader Dynasty. They simply needed to venture forth on a quest.

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