John Swift

Reprobate, Prideful


Headshot taken from Pspynetts excellent Rogue Trader drawing.


One of the best independent smugglers in the Imperium he pilots a lightning fast Havoc-class raider, the ‘Lickity Split’. While he has often come under the scrutiny of Imperial authorities he has thus far managed to stay out of their hands and intends to keep it that way.

Fearing the escalated attention from Imperial authorities he has decided not to compete for the Rogue Trader warrant. As his smuggling operations are situated in the Imperium expanding into the Koronous expanse, as well as the duties of a Rogue Trader, would bring more complications that benefits. However, a Rogue Trader ally, or one who owes him a favor, would be something worth having.

Or, at least, that is what he has claimed in his astropathic message to Isis Lannister

John Swift

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