Isis Lannister

Rogue Trader Contender


Current XP: 18,400
Current Rank: 5

Picture taken from Evening Dresses


Captain Isis Lannister of House Lannister is the middle child of her family. Though never likely to gain the position of head of her Noble House she has endeavoured to prove herself and improve the standing of her family. To date there have been two events which have highlighted her skills.

The first was when she led a group of mercenaries to reclaim an ancient family vessel that was held in the hands of pirates and restoring it to the family’s fleet, for this she was rewarded command of the vessel. She has shown above normal ability as a merchant captain as well as a healthy dose of good luck.

Lord Sector Hax gathered together exceptional individuals including Isis for the second noteworthy event in her life. He sent her and the other contenders on a mysterious quest into the Koronus Expanse. Isis has taken to this very seriously although she has not had a chance to adjust yet to this unexpected turn of events, and in some ways she is still in shock which she knows is affecting her skills, knowing that a wrong move or decision could ruin her chances and leave her in her families annals as it’s greatest failure rather than its greatest success.

Determined, she is prepared to consider any action to beat her competitors to become the Rogue Trader.

At Clarity Isis and her crew uncovered a mechanicus archaelogical dig site regarding xenos relics of a Necrontyr origin. Recovering enough data to safely, though some might argue the time for leaving was before this, Isis feels secure in the knowledge that she would receive the Rogue Trader Warrant however is wary of what price ultimately will be attached to it.

Isis Lannister

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