The Illusions of Clarity

Into the Jaws!

++++ Excerpts from Navigator Jon Targaryen, First of his name, First of the House Targaryen ++++

Port Wander lay behind us, our eyes fixed on the swirling warp storms that made up the Koronus Passage before us. Abenicus Benetek truly was insane to imagine passage through such storms, and yet here we stand awaiting to undertake that same voyage. I feared this task coming here, but now that I stand before it I find myself calm, waiting, watching, learning…

Our competition races ahead of us, their vessels like flies buzzing towards this beast they call The Maw. Perhaps on seeing this the captain will understand a little more what it is we battle with every time we travel through the warp, so violent these storms that even those half blind can see. The ship communications come to life as the lady lannister asks if there is a problem. All she sees is her rivals gaining ahead of her. The patterns clearly visible to my navigator sight I put her mind at ease and wait. In 5 seconds the storms shall flair, in 10 there will open a clear and stable path and this we shall use to over take those gone before.

5… Double check the Temple,
4… The Witch-Cursed World,
3… The Battleground,
2… The Hermitage,
1… Breath…

Our Passage opens before us as we race forward, the Red October dancing through the stars. All going as predicted when things change. A monstrous hand reaches forth from the beast to catch us in its grasp.. Hurried commands to dive dive dive as we narrowly avoid it. Managing to get in front of it we use its energy to drive us further and faster into the Maw. Pushing us well past the Temple.

A day. A day in the warp sees us through the beast they call The Maw. We make footfall in 8 days real time. We receive an astropathic message from John Swift upon entering footfall, off course and worse for wear he gives us details of a man who will help us. Malcon meets with us and supplies us with two options.. a long stable route to our destination or else a shorter more unstable route. Both dangerous, one surely fatal. we choose the fatal one as news had reached us of Sarvas Takara taking the lead on us. His shipped badly damaged crew fled the cursed vessel, he made emergency repairs took minimal crew and raced on.

Confident we could make it we pressed forward, risking all or nothing. Our course plotted and set we jump once more in to the warp…

A demon waits for us. it reaches with clawed hands that dwarf our ship. the first arm is the same as the one coming through the Maw and as we dodge it reaches for us with a second anticipating the Red Octobers movements. We make it through untouched but I now fear what awaits us on the next jump…



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