The Illusions of Clarity

Into the Black

The Red October bearing Captain Isis Lannister, Magos Stark and their new navigator Jon Targaryen left port as soon as possible. Savaras Takara was spotted to have left dock before them but quickly overtaken as Magos Stark diverted power to the archeotech escorts energistic conversion matrix. The Magos suggested firing on Takara’s vessel to further seal their lead which Navigator Targayen opposed and Isis decided against this as she didn’t want to fire first… while in Imperial space and unprovoked.
Making good time though the journey seemed to drag and the crew had odd dreams they arrived in Port Wander the last port of call in the Imperium, none of the crew had been beyond this point with very few indeed having ever even been here. The last shining beacon of civilisation and last barrier against the horrors of the Koronus Expanse. Needing to restock supplies before their long journey and not having had a significant amount of time at Scintilla to restock supplies the Captain Lannister made orders for the vessel to restock and resupply but to increase security doing random checks of crates.
The command crew were contacted by the Administratum representatives on Port Wander and asked to come to their offices. They were asked to rectify irregularities in the mannifest which would take roughly two weeks even though these were tiny problems. Jon showed his business acumen as a Navis Scion and helped the Captain come to an arrangement with the official. Savaras Takara was discovered to be behind this ploy.
While checking security on the vessel a spy was uncovered however upon investigation it was uncovered that he had signed up at the ship on Scintilla and presented a sealed letter from Lord Sector Hax.



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