The Illusions of Clarity

I went to a marvelous party!

Great Expectations

Our adventure began as do so many other great adventures, not the lavish great begining that will be remembered in years to come for good or ill but a message given in the dark places off the beaten path. On the less than reputable hive world of Tranch the Cobra Class Vessel “Red October” came into port, an unexpected man awaits them claiming to be from the Lucid Court on the Sector Capital of Scintilla. He bears a summons to Scintilla from Lord Sector Marius Hax and with all haste the vessel unloads its goods and heads for its new destination not daring to refuse the Lord Sectors summons.
Onboard Captain Isis Lannister and the ships Magos, Magos Stark, grow concerned over the nature of her summons, certainly Lord Sector Hax does not want her dead or she would be but they dare not refuse him and fulfilling a favour for him could see the loss of their lives or the ruination of their careers and fortunes. Isis is concerned with the cryptic nature of the summons while Magos Stark is altogether more concerned despite his name not being on the summons. Tension hangs in the air of the ship and the crew no doubt noticed the concern of both the Captain and Magos as well as whispers from the bridge crew and other officers that the course had been changed.
Arriving two days before the time she was told to be at the Lucid Court Isis and Stark sent a message there to inform them of their arrival. Isis contacts her father Lord Tywin Lannister who also knows little of this meeting except that many ships have come to Scintilla recently and the Lord Sector is being especially secretive about the meaning of the gathering.
The Navigator of the Red October had to use an emergency clause in their contract due to an emergency.
The gathering was a lavish party with many nobles and notables in attendance but none any the wiser than Captain Lannister and Magos Stark as to why they had been invited. Savaris Takara and Captain Swift were noted to be in attendance.
Jon Targaryen a mysterious Navigator also managed to find himself at the party while looking for work. Jon noticed that each of the plates contained what appeared to be a star chart of an unknown location. He introduced himself to several of the groups their making contacts before meeting Magos Stark and then later Captain Lannister, much to Isis’ frustration Stark had seen fit to lay bare their lack of a navigator and other details leaving them in a much less advantageous bargaining position when recruiting the navigator later that day.
After some time Lord Hax presented himself and declared that those who had been summoned were to be given a chance to become the founder of a new Rogue Trader Dynasty. They simply needed to venture forth on a quest.



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