Seek Clarity

With these words Lord Marius Hax sets into motions events that may well rock the Calixis sector to it’s core!

From across the Imperium of Mankind people are summoned to the Lucid Palace on Scintilla. Merchants, nobles, criminals, clerics, people from every strata of society are summoned without warning or explanation at the behest of Lord Marius Hax, Sector-Governer of the Calixis sector. The reason? Lord Hax seeks to create a new Rogue Trader dynasty and on a seeming flight of whimsy has decided that a competition will be held to decide the bearer of this new warrant, and so, with two words sends these “contenders” into the far reaches of the Koronus expanse.

However, any who know Lord Hax know he does nothing without reason.

The Illusions of Clarity

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